list of the main reasons
1) Professional
Not like a lot of LED suppliers in China who do not have enough background and experience, we have 25 years experience in lighting source industry. We do not just produce the lamps, but also understand what we are producing. Besides, we know the LED market quite well. So, we are able to support customers to increase their sales.

2) Good reputation
We have been working with a lot of supermarket from Europe such as OBI for 17 years, surely there are reasons for this. We are reliable supplier that you can trust.

3) Reliable quality
We sell large q'ty of lamps, especially to supermarket customers. If our lamps are not of good quality, there will be great number of lamps returned to us, which will make us go bankrupt. While in fact this never happened, and our business are increasing rapidly.

4) Competitive price
With large purchasing q'ty, we are able to negotiate with our material supplier to get lower price. Our material purchasing price is the lowest in Zhejiang province, based on the same quality level.

5) Guarantee
We offer you 5 years of guarantee to make you free of risk and trouble

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